At last, an update!

I know, it’s been a while since I updated my blog! Sorry!

I just wanted to share a track I’ve recently written and recorded. It’s not my usual style but I thought I’d share it on my Soundcloud account.  It’s called ‘Lilith’ and it tells the story of the biblical character, the original fallen woman.


In other news, since I last updated my blog, I have released 2 singles!

The first one is ‘Dear You’.  It’s a story of regret, grief and it’s a song I never planned to actually release but after recording it, I felt I had to share it in order to move on.  It got it’s debut on BBC Merseyside Introducing and it was well received overall with a fab review by @The0riginalKiKi (Twitter) which you can view here >>


You can listen on Spotify here:


The second song I released as ‘Wild’. About that feeling you get when you want to run away and leave all of your responsibilities behind.


For this song, I recorded a video whilst on a road trip through California.  We went to visit the biggest tree in the world, the Sequoia.  It was amazing! The picturesque scenery on the way up inspired me to make it the video to go along side the single.  The trees themselves are just amazing and an absolutely unique sight! They’re big enough to live in, well almost!


Here’s the video!

This track also made its debut on BBC Introducing Merseyside, amazing support from the producers and presenters yet again, I’m so thankful!


Finally, I was honoured to be included on the BBC Introducing in Merseyside show that was dedicated showcasing female artists from the region, you can still catch the show here


Wow that was a lot of news for one blog! I promise to try and keep up!

As always thanks so much for reading!


Katie Ellen x

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