‘Yours’ OUT 15/06…

It’s exciting times here because ‘Yours’, my next single is out in just 4 weeks (and 1 day!)


Its been busy few months, with lots of writing and performing.

I even got to meet and talk to one of my idols, KT Tunstall.  She was very inspirational and had some amazing advice! She even took a photo and signed my journal.  The page is now framed and with my collection of autographs! Im so luck to have been able to connect with and meet some of my favourite songwriters like Lucie Silvas and Liz Longley! I even have a photo with Sir Paul McCartney in my collection! All help motivate and inspire me when I feel like things aren’t going to plan, I love the memories attached to each one!

Ive been playing more live music, Ive been to open mics, played a few small gigs and I’m falling in love with performing once again. I do suffer from nerves but once I’m comfortable, I really enjoy it!


So back to ‘Yours’…

This song isn’t like anything I’ve recorded before.  When I wrote it, I know it was a special song and I knew I wanted to release it so I recorded it myself and sent it to a producer to mix and master and he (@producedbytobi) did a super job! So heres the preview…

I’m looking for reviewers and bloggers to write a piece about it too, if you’re interested, get in touch!

Thanks for reading!

Katie Ellen x

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