Todays Musical Adventure…

Today I did something that proved to me how far I’ve come over the last 6-7 months, I auditioned for a national songwriting competition.  And I didn’t tell anyone I was going!

About 5 months ago, I sat down and thought of all the things (music/performance wise) that scared me and since then I’ve ticked them off one by one.  Auditioning and allowing someone else, who doesn’t know me from the next person, to tell me whether they like my song or not was definitely at the top of the list.  So, I entered a competition.

Today was the day and I turned up to a full room of like-minded people and my fight or flight instinct kicked in.  I have this voice in my head when I get nervous saying ‘Just go home!’.  I fought it all the way to the audition room where I performed ‘(Your Song) Out Of My Head’ with my guitar and left to await the result.

10 minutes later the names of the people through to the regional final were called.  And mine was one of them!



The point of today wasn’t to win a contest but to push myself past the limitations I set myself.  I’m not a fan of XFactor or The Voice and I don’t think there is a place for them in my musical journey but today I was able to put myself out there and open myself up to rejection.  Whether or not I decide to participate in the live final is still up in the air.  I/m not sure how it will help me progress towards my goals but, in time, I’ll let you all know!

Other News…

Yesterday,  Cherry and I tried busking in Southport. Heres ‘Can’t We Just Be Friends’.



And in case you missed it…


Tune in to BBC Merseyside on Wednesday 2-4pm to hear me play live!



It’s been such a busy weekend! I’m so ready to chill out and so id my dog, Max, so from us, Goodnight!





Half Way There – Literally!


To celebrate being passed the half way point for my Kickstarter campaign, heres a preview of one of the songs!

Half Way There (fitting don’t you think) appears twice on the EP.  First as a full bodied country song and then again stripped back to a piano and voice track, the way it was originally written.   This preview is of the piano version, I hope you enjoy!



You can still help my Kickstarter campaign by pledging here:

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Thanks for all the support and thanks for reading!


Katie Ellen x

Could this be my most country song yet…

Hey everyone!

Today I made a live performance video for my newest song ‘Cowboys & Liquor’! I think it’s my most country style song to date, what do you think?

I played it on electric guitar, I don’t pick it up that often but I felt it suited the song and the guitar itself is very pretty don’t you think!?



Let me know your thoughts on the song in the comments below and don’t forget, you can support my upcoming EP and pre order it by pledging to my Kickstarter campaign!

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Thanks for reading/watching!

Katie Ellen x

Where I am and where I want to be…

Hey Everyone!

     I’ve been a bit quiet again so apologies but I wanted to update you…

     I’ve hit a bit of a lull of late and, although I don’t feel like I’m going backwards, I feel like I’m standing completely still.  Like nothing is happening.  Of course, this is mostly due to the lack of drive on my part but it’s also due to hitting a plateau on Kickstarter. I’m nearly at the half way point and I’ve been there for a while!  While part of me wants to really push it, the other part of me is afraid of failure so much that if I don’t push it, that will be my excuse! I’m not sure I’m making any sense right now! Does any one else fear failure as much as I do?  Failure is part of life and especially part of life as a musician but it’s still a hard thing to accept.  One of my favourite bands Little Big Town have a song called “Happy People” and theres a quote:





imagesThat’s what I’m trying to be, happy! So this song is my new life “theme song”!  I cant be afraid to fail, and be the artist and writer I want to be, in other words, I need to get over it!!  I only have 3 and a half weeks left to get my act together for the release and the Kickstarter campaign, I desperately want to hold a finished physical product in my hand! I feel like I’ve worked so hard for it, not only with performing and writing but on my confidence and self-belief!  If anyone has any words of wisdom on this subject, comment below! I’d love to hear how everybody else copes with these issues, I can’t be the only one who feels this way!


I’m taking a few days out of the week to do a bit of writing and planning and hopefully a video of a new song to come too so don’t give up on me just yet!


Even writing this blog has helped me regain momentum.  Writing is always my release, no matter what the medium!  Also, this morning on my way to Liverpool (I’m looking after few summer school days) I re-istened to my EP all the way through to remind myself what I’m trying to achieve and I’m so proud of it all over again!



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Kickstarter Campaign.

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Katie Ellen x

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 13.29.57

28 days left to pledge! 

I’m nearly at the half way point in my campaign and we’ve still got 28 days to make it happen! A huge thank you to those who have pledged so far, I’m looking forward to sending you the finished EP and writing out the lyrics for you! I best get practising my handwriting skills! If you’ve ever seen my songwriting notebook you’ll see my writing process makes for dodgy handwriting but I’ll put more effort in to yours, promise! If you can, give the project another share! Everything counts and I’m grateful for every bit of support! My next performance is 19th August at the Atkinson theatre, Southport, come along and listen to some of the songs from the EP!

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