Kickstarter Campaign.

Hi Everyone!


I’m starting a Kickstarter campaign for my EP! Not one to feel comfortable asking for help I thought I’d explain a little about what I need the money for.

Katie Ellen

So, this whole process has been entirely self funded so far and thats exactly how I wanted to do it but I have come to the stage where I just can’t find the amount of money to have physical copies of the EP made.  It is the absolute final hurdle in this long, and yes sometimes very difficult process and I want to hold a copy in my hands and I want you all to be able to do the same!  It means so much that people have shown interest in my music!  The amount I’m trying to raise is £350 which is the minimum order for CD’s and cover printing and it will get me 300 CD’s.  Please, if you have any questions, get in touch! I want people to be as involved in the whole process as possible, isn’t that what music is all about anyway!?

This is important! Kickstarter is all or nothing, so if I don’t reach my goal of £350, I get £000! So anything and EVERYTHING counts!

The link to contribute…


Please share and spread the word as much as possible! Thank you!


Katie Ellen x

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