Kickstarter Campaign.

Hi Everyone!


I’m starting a Kickstarter campaign for my EP! Not one to feel comfortable asking for help I thought I’d explain a little about what I need the money for.

Katie Ellen

So, this whole process has been entirely self funded so far and thats exactly how I wanted to do it but I have come to the stage where I just can’t find the amount of money to have physical copies of the EP made.  It is the absolute final hurdle in this long, and yes sometimes very difficult process and I want to hold a copy in my hands and I want you all to be able to do the same!  It means so much that people have shown interest in my music!  The amount I’m trying to raise is £350 which is the minimum order for CD’s and cover printing and it will get me 300 CD’s.  Please, if you have any questions, get in touch! I want people to be as involved in the whole process as possible, isn’t that what music is all about anyway!?

This is important! Kickstarter is all or nothing, so if I don’t reach my goal of £350, I get £000! So anything and EVERYTHING counts!

The link to contribute…


Please share and spread the word as much as possible! Thank you!


Katie Ellen x

Track List Reveal

Hey everyone!

I’m excited to reveal the track list for the EP due for release on 1st September! Picking just FOUR songs out of over 10 years of writing was a nightmare to say the least! However, I’m really, really happy with the tracks and I love the over all feel of the EP! 

Here it is…

So here’s a little about each track…
1. Can’t We Just Be Friends

This track is the one that started everything back in February. After booking a session to record a song just for my own self confidence, to see how it would sound. The song itself was written back in 2007 and I still enjoy playing it, even after 10 years!

2. One Reason

One Reason was written in January after going through a difficult time in my professional life. It’s about that ‘One Reason’ that sometimes pushes you over the edge. This song was featured on BBC Introducing on 17th June 2017, a big surprise at the time! 

3. Half Way There

I wrote this song about 3 years ago after a night out and watching 2 people at the bar (not in a creepy way!).  It’s really interesting to see how a few glasses of wine, you can literally see all inhibitions float away! I decided on this song purely because it’s one of my favourites that I’ve ever written. I love playing it on the piano and it’s my go to song when I sit down to practise! When I sing it, I imagine I’m in a smokey bar with my favourite whisky on the rocks. 

4. Your Song (Out Of My Head) 

This song is brand new, only a few weeks old. Again, written on the piano, I wrote this song about being in Nashville in June. Nashville is a place that gets in to your blood and, on my second visit, in June I fulfilled a life long dream to play a set of my own songs.  I just can’t get the place, the people and the music out of my head! The version on the EP is amazingly produced and I particularly like the harmonies although, I instantly regretted the high key I wrote it in haha! 

5. Half Way There (Piano Version)

This track is a bonus track! Although I loved the country arrangement of the song, I wanted a stripped back version and when I heard it with just the piano, I wanted to share that one too! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little bit more about my music and where it comes from! I will be performing these songs and more at my Up coming gigs! 

Make sure you check out for the latest on where to catch me live next! More gigs being added all the time! 

Thanks for reading!

Katie Ellen x

EP Release!

Exciting news! Yesterday I recorded the final song for my EP which means I can announce the name! DRUM ROLL PLEASE!


Katie Ellen

I am super excited for the release which is scheduled for 1st September!  It’s a weird feeling having been on a journey through my songs since February and now its done! There is a lot of planning to do and (hopefully) a release party! I just can’t wait for you all to hear it!

Katie Ellen x