Love, songs and my dog…

First thing is I was totally blown away with the love from One Love Manchester last night! I was in tears and I’m not ashamed to admit it. The whole thing is just so close to home but it’s amazing how everyone has come together. ❤️ Manchester. ❤️ London.❤️ The World.

     Today, I wrote a new song! I’ve had a few lyrics floating around my head for a week or so and today, after I’d practised my set for the Nashville gig, I sat and composed! I love it when a song just flows, it’s an amazing therapy for me.  It came from getting lost on a route I could have done in my sleep 10 years ago. It’s funny how important places just become memories. I used to travel to this place every week without fail and I just didn’t recognise any of the streets anymore. I was quite sad.  The song is yet untitled, so there’s a link to the rough Facebook video below for suggestions…

I also recorded a video of another song called ‘He Wasn’t Looking At Me’. This is a song that, although it’s about 8 years old, is still very raw so I tend to avoid singing it. That needs to change because I actually really like it. So, hopefully this will help. I want to sing it in Nashville and at my Manchester gig in July.  Here’s the YouTube link…

Nashville Journey Update:

Today I’ve sorted my flights and checked in online. I’ve also bought a notebook that I want to use to journal my entire trip! I’ve practised my set through an amp and the tips on my fingers are very sore from all of the guitar playing haha I will never have nice long nails either!! 

You can’t see him here but my little dog Max is in this photo! If there is someone playing guitar, that’s where you’ll find him, probably asleep! Here’s the proof…

He makes me laugh! 

Only 2 days to go!

Thanks for reading! And don’t forget to suggest song names! 
Katie Ellen x

One thought on “Love, songs and my dog…

  1. Hey Katie – I love, love, love “He Wasn’t Looking At Me” single. I hope it is on the upcoming EP. The line “a beautiful mistake” is flawless. In addition, Max is just too cute. Also, I enjoyed the ‘untitled’ song – an idea for a title, how about “Enroute To You.”


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