Interview with ‘Bring Country to the UK’

Things have been a bit quiet lately with my music but don’t worry! I’m currently working full out with shows for some of the children I teach!   My last recording session for my EP is 13th July so until then I have to choose my final song…


Until then, check out this interview I did for @BringCountry2UK (Twitter)


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BBC Introducing in Merseyside.


On Saturday 17th June, I was in the throws of chaperoning a show at The  Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts where I work as a singing teacher for their 4:19 academy, when I received a Twitter notification.  When I finally got the chance to check it, I saw it was from @bbcmerseyside…


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I had no idea so obviously, I was shocked and instantly opened the iPlayer app to listen.  Unfortunately, with 20 teens in “show mode”, it wasn’t happening! So I retweeted, posted on Facebook and decided to listen to it at home with a glass of something nice!

I got home at 11pm and sat down to listen and I was surprised that the song they chose was ‘One Reason’, I had assumed it was ‘Can’t We Just Be Friends’! And the comments were lovely too!

Here’s the show if you want to listen on iPlayer…


I still can’t believe I was played as part of BBC Introducing, it’s a huge confidence boost and Im so grateful! Getting the email after and seeing the word ‘Broadcast’ on my BBC Introducing account is a great feeling considering that just 6 months ago, I nearly gave up on musical journey completely!

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One Reason will be part of the EP due to be released July 2017.  A Concert Window gig will also be announced in the near future.

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The Nashville Diaries


On Thursday 8th June 2017 I embarked on a journey to Nashville to fulfil a life long dream of playing my own songs over there.  It started as most journeys do… with a beer at the airport! Ok, I bought 2 because the queue was long ha!

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While waiting to board, I did a little journalling and tried to chill out although by this point, the nerves were kicking in.  At this point, I realised I’d forgotten to burn CD’s to give out!

After a 6 hour flight, I arrived at JFK Airport, New York.  The Big Apple!  I will never forget seeing the New York City skyline from the window as we landed.  I have to visit New York soon! 3 more hours in the air to Nashville!

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I arrived in Nashville at 4pm (local time) and as I walked through the airport, the excitement was rising.  There was live music in the bar, in the airport! Country music was playing over the speaker system, yep, it was Nashville alright! I got an Uber and headed straight for my apartment for the weekend.  My legs felt like they hadn’t moved in a week so I took a walk around the area to get something to eat.  A cobb salad and Cheetos and lots of water! Hydration is key to good vocals!!  I journaled a bit more and wrote about how I would definitely stay awake as late as I could so I wouldn’t wake up at 4am the next morning, then I took a shower.  5 minutes later… zzzzz!

4am, I woke up (ha!) I walked down to the supermarket again but it wasn’t open so I got a coffee from Subway! I was very surprised at how much I missed home.  That sounds so horrible but I’ve never been one to get home sick and love travelling alone, not that I don’t love holidays with my husband or family! Ever since I was little, I’ve coped well with being away.  I came to the conclusion that it is because I was out of my comfort zone so I was craving familiarity! The nerves were almost definitely setting in. By 11:30am my hair and make-up were done and I was on my way to Downtown Nashville.



I arrived at PLUSH lounge, my venue and waited to go on.  At 3:40pm my time arrived and I did my set.  Unfortunately, my guitar was playing up and I experienced a lot of feedback but I made it work for me.  I think I sang well and it was an absolutely amazing feeling being up on the stage in Nashville!  As always, I was hard on myself and I was so disappointed about my guitar but it all comes with the territory!  They offered me another set on Saturday.  After I’d finished up at PLUSH, I headed to The Johnny Cash Museum for a coffee.  Then, realising I hadn’t eaten since 6am, I headed to the more remote bars Downtown.  During CMA fest, Nashville is so busy, like you cant walk straight without bumping in to someone! I found one and sat down to eat some fries and have a Jack Daniels Honey of course! And there was live music so I was happy to sit there for a few hours and you couldn’t get more country than sitting at a bar with my guitar, drinking Jack Daniels!

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The next day after waking up at 4am again! I headed back down to PLUSH but decided, in the end, I would rather not play when my guitar wasn’t playing properly. A decision I definitely do not regret, I am almost certain that I will get another chance to play over there.  I will make it happen, but first I want to gain as much experience as I can playing to country audiences.  I had a great day exploring CMA Fest and even got to watch a show in the Ryman Auditorium, or the mother church as it’s well know in the country music community.  Then I headed back to my apartment.

After shopping in Target (my new favourite shop in the world!), packing my suitcase which, after the shopping trip was tricky to close, I went to sleep for my early flight back to Manchester.

The whole experience was so unreal,  I never thought that I’d get the chance to play in Nashville, especially so early in my musical journey.  It’s an amazing place and in only a couple of days, I feel like I know so much more about the industry and the people in it!  I learned what my next steps are in my music career and how to get my songs heard!  Although the only negative was that it was very overwhelming, CMA Fest is absolutely crazy!  I’m taking a week or two to step back and let the experience sink in  and then it’s full throttle to the EP launch in July!  One more track to go and it’s finished!

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Nashville: Forever in my heart, always on my mind.


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Love, songs and my dog…

First thing is I was totally blown away with the love from One Love Manchester last night! I was in tears and I’m not ashamed to admit it. The whole thing is just so close to home but it’s amazing how everyone has come together. ❤️ Manchester. ❤️ London.❤️ The World.

     Today, I wrote a new song! I’ve had a few lyrics floating around my head for a week or so and today, after I’d practised my set for the Nashville gig, I sat and composed! I love it when a song just flows, it’s an amazing therapy for me.  It came from getting lost on a route I could have done in my sleep 10 years ago. It’s funny how important places just become memories. I used to travel to this place every week without fail and I just didn’t recognise any of the streets anymore. I was quite sad.  The song is yet untitled, so there’s a link to the rough Facebook video below for suggestions…

I also recorded a video of another song called ‘He Wasn’t Looking At Me’. This is a song that, although it’s about 8 years old, is still very raw so I tend to avoid singing it. That needs to change because I actually really like it. So, hopefully this will help. I want to sing it in Nashville and at my Manchester gig in July.  Here’s the YouTube link…

Nashville Journey Update:

Today I’ve sorted my flights and checked in online. I’ve also bought a notebook that I want to use to journal my entire trip! I’ve practised my set through an amp and the tips on my fingers are very sore from all of the guitar playing haha I will never have nice long nails either!! 

You can’t see him here but my little dog Max is in this photo! If there is someone playing guitar, that’s where you’ll find him, probably asleep! Here’s the proof…

He makes me laugh! 

Only 2 days to go!

Thanks for reading! And don’t forget to suggest song names! 
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Six Days To Go!

Its only 6 days until I head over to Nashville, TN to perform!

    This week I’ve been practicing my set and choosing the songs I would like to perform, I’ve also completed the 3rd song on my EP! I’m really pleased with the sound of this one and there will be an acoustic version too! Hopefully, I will have a release date for the EP by next week! I just need to think of a name which is harder than it sounds! Maybe something will come to me while I’m on my travels, I will take my note book just in case!


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Everything is sorted for my trip, flights booked, room booked and dollars exchanged!  Although I’m so excited for this journey, I have my ‘wobbles’ now and then where fear over rides all other emotions but I’m so determined to enjoy every second of it!  I’m absolutely sure that the 4 days I’m there will fly by so fast and I don’t want to let anything spoil the experience.  Including my own insecurities!


My video for ‘Something Wrong’ I uploaded last week has over 2000 views on Facebook, I’m over the moon people like the song as

its a new one! Head over to to watch it!



 Lastly for today, I’m happy to announce that on 17th July, I will be performing at Acoustica, Manchester. If you can come along, I would love to see you there!


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